Lions Club of Hobart Town Inc

District 201T1 Tasmania Australia


Freezin for a Reason logoFreezin for a Reason is a major event for our club.  It gives you the chance to raise money for the 

Lions Club of Hobart Town projects along with a charity, cause, or club you nominate.

We reckon it is the coolest event of the year.

Show to the world how much your chosen cause means to you. Get into fancy dress, join a bunch of other brave people,

and take a mid-winter paddle or dip in the Derwent River.

It's up to you whether to just dip your ankles, take a minute to splash around, dive like a penguin or swim a few strokes. 

You can wear your swimmers or get into a fancy dress. You can take part in your pajamas, swimmers or dinner suit,

evening dress, work uniform, your onesie, or whatever you choose.

However you do it, it's the coolest thing you'll do all year - not to mention you'll be raising money to help the charity

or club that you nominate along with the very valuable projects supported by the Lions Club

How do I take part?

  1. Register: Whether you are doing the event individually or as part of a team, you must be registered to take part on the day.   
  2. Get your friends, workmates, and neighbors to sponsor you.
    You can register individually or make up a team with friends, workmates, your schoolmates, or club members it's up to you.
  3. Nominate a charity, club, or cause that you are fundraising for.
    70% of the money you raise goes to the club, cause, or charity you nominate. Freezin for a Reason Pty Ltd will donate

            the profit to our club where it will be used to support Lions Club of Hobart Town projects including:

Don't have what it takes?

If taking an icy dip in fancy dress isn't for you you can always donate to someone fundraising for a charity or cause you support.

Or you can just make a donation. You're also welcome to come along and watch, laugh, cheer, and encourage the people taking part.  

If you are a charity or club.

Don't miss out on raising some extra funds to support what you do.
All you need to do is let your supporters or members know about the event and encourage them to get involved.
Remember they need to nominate your organization when they register. 
Another option is to get a team together and encourage each other. You have a lot to gain and nothing to lose. 



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